General Conditions of the lease

1-Designation of premises

  • The apartment No. 16, Building “Le Grand Pavois”, located 1, Allée du Mail, Maubuisson 33212 Carcans, France, the description of which is presented in Appendix 1, and
  • a parking space No. 116, and
  • a shack for storing bicycles and angling gears, N°58

The parking space and shack are located in the courtyard of the building.

The bedding is designed for a 6 people.

The apartment is awarded 3 stars by the departmental committee of tourism of Gironde.

The premises covered by this contract are rented for a seasonal occupancy.

2-Price and annulation conditions

The rent indicated on the contract includes water, electricity and the “taxe de séjour”. VAT is not applicable to the rent.

Note: The “taxe de séjour” is a local tax raised by the the Community of Boroughs of the Medocan Lakes.

In case of default by the Lessee, he would still be required to pay the balance of the rent. However, in the event that the apartment could be re-rented during the period, the Lessee would only have to bear the loss suffered by the Lessor, the advance payment remaining in any way acquired by the Lessor as a minimum compensation.


 At the time of the delivery of the keys, the Lessee shall hand to the Lessor a warranty deposit of the amount specified in the contract. The deposit may consist of a French cheque in Euros at the order of the Lessor or of cash money.

The Lessor will give back the deposit to the Lessee on return of keys, subject to conforming inventory and state of the premises.

4-Sheets and towels

Sheets and towels are not provided neither included in the rental price. Upon written request at the time of reservation, the Lessor can provide sheets and towels to the Lessee at a price of 50 Euros.

5-Inventory and state of the premises

The Lessee shall, within hours of taking possession, check the state of the premises and inform the Lessor of any anomaly. When leaving, the Lessee shall log in writing the incidents that may have occurred during his stay.

The Lessee shall comply with the exit formalities on the day and time specified in the contract. In case of leaving at another time without an appointment, the Lessee will accept without question the premises state review made by the Lessor after his departure.

6-Declaration of the Lessor

The Lessor certifies that he is owner of the premises and that it is at his full disposal during the rental period.

7-Declaration of the Lessee

The Lessee declares that he does not exercise and does not seek to exercise any trade in the rented premises and that the premises covered by this contract are only rented as a temporary residence, major conditions without which this lease would not have been granted.

8-Obligations of the Lessee

The Lessee agrees to take the rented premises in the state where they are at the time of entry and as they are described in the appendix to this contract. In case he signed the contract without visiting the premises, the Lessee agrees not to claim any compensation or reduction of the rent if the premises do not correspond to the idea that he would have made of it.

He shall respect the maximum number of 8 people allowed to stay in the premises.

He shall be liable for damages and losses that may occur during the contract on the premises on which he has exclusive control. He shall not appeal against the Lessor in case of theft and depredations in the leased premises.

He shall forbid entrance of animals into the apartment.

He shall restrain from smoking and prevent other persons from smoking inside the building.

However, it is authorised to smoke on the balcony.

The Lessee shall maintain the rented accommodation and return it in clean condition at the end of the contract. In case of failure to return the premises in a clean state, the Lessee agrees to pay 60 Euros for the cleaning that the Lessor will have to carry.

The Lessee shall refrain absolutely to throw in the sinks, bathtub, washing machines, WC., objects likely to obstruct pipes, otherwise he shall be liable for costs incurred for return to service of these devices.

The Lessee shall use the rented accommodation, furniture and equipment peacefully and according to their destination. He shall avoid any noise likely to annoy the neighbors, especially those emitted by radio, television and others.

The Lessee may not object to the visit of the premises if the Lessor requests it.

For everything that is not specified in this contract, rental customs are rule.

9-Cession and sublease

This lease is made only for the personal benefit of the Lessee identified in the contract header.

Any cession of this lease, any total or partial sublease, any leave at disposition, even for free, is strictly prohibited.


The Lessee shall insure his responsibility to an insurance company against the risks of theft, fire, water damage, furnishing and immovable degradation and claims by neighbors, and give evidence of this insurance at the first request of the Lessor.

Consequently, the Lessor declines any responsibility for the claims that his insurance company may have against the Lessee in case of disaster.


For the execution hereof, the undersigned parties agree that, in case of dispute, the court will be that of the rented premises.

This contract and its aftermath are subject to French laws.

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